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The world is turning digital. Almost no business can survive without a strong digital presence. In times of metaverses and remote jobs, even strong brick and mortar businesses will need to face the new reality. Your success is our duty.

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IT Consultancy

Our team made many projects grow to serious businesses. Let us help you with our experience to avoid common mistakes and scale faster.

Web Development

Modern web applications are our day-to-day business. All our products are designed responsively to please users on every device.

AI/ML Solutions

Artificial intelligence and machine learning became crucial in many industries. Stay on top of your competition with the most recent technologies.

Blockchain and Web 3.0

Enter the exciting world of blockchain technologies and Web 3.0. We have profound experience and strong partners in those fields.

Web & Mobile Development

Your web presence becomes more important with every day. We ensure that your apps are going to meet the highest standards so that you can compete with the top players in your industry. Every app is created individually, and we can help, based on many years of experience, finding the best way to beam your project to the next level.

Responsive Design
UI / UX Design
Mobile App Development
Web 3.0 and Blockchain
ReactJS Web Development
Data Science

Our Use Cases:

We are a group of young professionals, who strive to make web apps accessible to everyone. We create everything from simple MVPs to polished products. With our intelligent price models we can serve products to every customer:

Proofs of Concept for Lean Startups
Digital Solutions for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses of Every Size
Custom Web Apps for Individuals and Freelancers
Enhancements and IT Support for Existing Online Businesses
Decentralized Platforms for Crypto Start-Ups
AI/ML Solutions for Retail Businesses and Innovators

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We know what we're good at and have the right contacts for everything else. You can see us as a one stop solution for every of your projects for a very fair price.